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At CNPLaw, we are experts in real estate and have the skills and resources needed to handle a wide variety of property transactions in Singapore. We can help with residential, commercial, and industrial properties, and have experience working with large multinational corporations as well as small and medium-sized businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Our range of services for our clients includes help with buying and selling properties, leasing agreements, financing, and even complex deals involving joint ventures and restructuring. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we understand their needs and objectives, and we have a strong network of partners both locally and internationally to help manage risks and achieve their commercial goals.

Our corporate real estate work includes:

  1. Acquisitions, disposals, and sale and lease back transactions for commercial and industrial property and developments, including commercial and industrial buildings, and residential developments;
  2. Indirect property investment transactions, such as the sale and purchase of property-holding companies, joint venture investments and the restructuring of real estate assets;
  3. Advising on commercial and industrial property-related regulatory matters;
  4. Representing major landlords and building owners as well as prospective tenants in commercial and industrial leasing transactions, including negotiation of the terms and conditions;
  5. Representing licensors and licensees in commercial and industrial licensing transactions, including negotiation of the terms and conditions;
  6. Representing banks and financial institutions as well as borrowers in commercial and industrial property financing transactions, including mortgage-backed land loans, construction and development loans, and project financing;
  7. Assisting our clients in their outbound real estate investments, working closely with a strong network of regional and international law firms to navigate our clients through complex deals and manage their risks in the pursuit of their commercial objectives.

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