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Being a corporate lawyer is more than just translating legalese and churning out documents based on clients’ instructions. Our corporate lawyers understand that their role extends far beyond what is commonly expected. We see ourselves not merely as a legal adviser but also as a legal partner for your business. We take the time to understand your commercial needs and craft practical yet legally sound solutions.
Our commercially-minded lawyers are equipped to handle the legal challenges faced by different stakeholders of a business at all stages of growth. We seek to explore the spectrum of options with our clients and tailor an approach to suit their unique requirements. This is why our corporate lawyers are always keen to learn more than just a client’s business and industry; we want to understand the character of the business through its story and the parties involved in building it, and from there be able to contribute meaningfully to the business.
At CNPLaw, we aim to forge relationships beyond one-time transactions. We are committed to helping our clients grow their business and play a part in its success, from setup to exit. To us, our clients’ success is our success.

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Our private equity practice provides comprehensive legal advice to private equity and venture capital fund managers, founders, management teams and investee companies in Singapore on a wide range of matters, including:

  • Private equity and venture capital investments
  • Debt finance (including acquisition finance) transactions
  • Management incentives
  • Exit events
  • Fund formation and management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Dispute resolution: We represent funds and asset managers in arbitration and litigation proceedings.

Our private equity team includes experienced lawyers with a proven track record of success, who are able to put themselves in the shoes of the counterparty and balance the interests of the parties in arriving at a solution.


Business transactions normally involve some form of contractual arrangement between parties. It is important that each party fully understands the legal risks involved in any contractual arrangement prior to agreeing to it and is satisfied that the commercial terms have been properly recorded and documented.

Our commercial lawyers work with businesses of all sizes and help clients successfully navigate the labyrinth of legal issues in their business transactions. Our clients range from start-ups who may be entering into commercial contracts for the first time, to established businesses that require day-to-day legal advice to enhance their stakeholder value. We regularly draft, review and advise on a myriad of commercial contracts, whether with internal stakeholders, customers, suppliers or partners.

By drawing on the multi-jurisdictional, multi-lingual and varied industry experience of our commercial team, we offer practical legal solutions and market insights into helping our clients achieve their commercial objectives and minimise risks.


Every business involves an amalgam of various stakeholders, such as investors, shareholders and directors. Ideally, each of these stakeholders should have a common vision of what is best for the company. However, this is rarely the case when individual interests are factored into the equation.

Stakeholder conflicts (regarding issues such as breaches of fiduciary duties, derivative actions, shareholder oppression, management deadlocks, management compensation, dividend payments and buy-outs) can be a thorny issue and can leave a company crippled if not addressed promptly.

Given the diversity of interests at play, we appreciate that a multi-faceted approach is usually the most cost-efficient method of resolving stakeholder conflicts. Therefore, we provide clients with ready access to an integrated team of lawyers (combining the experience of our corporate, dispute resolution and employment law practices where applicable) who will effectively engage the relevant stakeholders in discussions on how best to resolve their differences amicably.

More often than not, our clients are able to avoid costly protracted court proceedings and resolve stakeholder conflicts with discretion and expediency.


We advise companies both private and listed on corporate governance and compliance issues to help them navigate the regulatory landscape that is becoming increasingly complex.

Regulatory compliance is a crucial aspect of any business, especially in an era where laws and regulations are constantly changing and becoming more complex. We provide comprehensive guidance and support to both private and public companies on corporate governance and compliance issues.

For instance, we help our clients understand their director duties. This includes providing advice on the roles and responsibilities of directors, and the Companies Act 1967.

In addition to this, we also work closely with our clients to help them navigate the licensing and compliance regimes that are specific to their industries. This involves reviewing relevant regulations and guidelines, assessing the impact on our clients’ businesses, and providing tailored advice on how to achieve compliance with these requirements.

For both advice on specific issues and on-going projects, we are committed to helping our clients acclimatise and thrive in an increasingly complex regulatory landscape.


There are numerous commercial drivers behind the rising popularity of joint ventures as a business/investment structure, including obtaining access to new markets within and across jurisdictions and harnessing the synergies of complementary skill sets.

By advising on how the joint venture should be structured along with related issues, such as the sharing of intellectual property and tax considerations, and documenting the terms of the party’s collaboration, our corporate lawyers help drive your joint venture ideas forward.

We continue to provide support to the joint venture throughout the course of its lifespan by preparing service agreements and other commercial agreements relevant to its operations.

In addition to offering legal insights, our lawyers are experienced at advancing our clients’ interests while being attuned to the ongoing and developing relationship between the respective parties. This contributes towards fostering a spirit of trust which is the cornerstone of any successful joint venture.


Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) entail the confluence of multiple legal disciplines. That is why we take great care when assembling a team for each M&A deal, ensuring that there is an optimal mix of specialisation in the clients’ identified areas of concern, such as anti-competition, employment and intellectual property, and necessary industry-specific experience.

We provide support to our clients at every stage of the M&A deal. We are there at the beginning of the process, helping to facilitate negotiations between parties and advising on the structure of the transaction. When parties reach a consensus, we meticulously prepare the necessary transaction documents and see through the transaction to closing. Recognising that M&A deals are often the first page of a new chapter for the parties involved, we also provide post-transaction support to ensure a smooth transition such as the preparation of shareholder agreements, employment agreements, and other relevant commercial documentation.


With you every step of the way.

At CNPLaw, we believe in going the extra mile for our clients. The testimonials that we receive attest to our belief in building relationships first in every engagement we receive.

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“Lisa Theng excels across a wide array of corporate matters, from advising board to corporate restructuring.”

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Award-winning leader in the legal space.

Over the years, CNPLaw has ranked highly in professional and commercial publications on our ability to help clients purposefully navigate the intricacies of the law.

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