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We have a particular passion and interest in blockchain technology applications, cryptocurrencies, and initial coin offerings (ICOs). We provide comprehensive legal advice to clients involved in this space on Singapore legal issues and regulatory compliance for a range of planned business activities.

Our legal advisory services cover a wide range of issues related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, including intellectual property protection, data privacy and security, anti-money laundering regulations, securities laws, and taxation. Our team of lawyers is highly experienced in advising our clients from various industries on structuring their businesses to comply with local regulations and mitigate legal risks.

We advise issuers of tokens, ICO advisors, venture capital firms, and entrepreneurs involved in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Our clients’ planned business activities range from utilizing blockchain to enabling business applications in diverse fields, including money remittance, solar energy, consumer rewards, structured social interaction, the music and entertainment industry, the holiday and leisure industry, employment marketplace, consumer rewards, and crypto asset security applications.

By staying up to date with the latest developments in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, including changes in the legal and regulatory landscape in Singapore and other jurisdictions, our team of lawyers can provide practical advice and guidance to help our clients make informed decisions and achieve their business objectives.

Our core capabilities include providing advice and guidance on:

  • an appropriate legal entity in Singapore for conducting an ICO and assistance in incorporating the appropriate legal entity;
  • applicable laws and regulations that may apply to the client’s payment and licensing, and content distribution systems;
  • draft White Paper and business plan; including review and comments from a legal and regulatory perspective;
  • whether the tokens to be issued in a proposed ICO constitute “capital markets products” or “securities” under Singapore law;
  • road mapping the entire process of an ICO;
  • procuring applicable licences or approvals from relevant Singapore regulatory authorities for launching an ICO and for operating other business services intended to be conducted in Singapore;
  • preparing agreements between the client’s company and placement agents; and other intermediaries and collaborators, where appropriate;
  • complying with KYC procedure and anti-money laundering requirements under prevailing Singapore laws and regulations; and
  • procuring tax advice from our associate tax specialist advisors.


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“My firm has instructed Quek Li Fei to act in the administration of Singapore estate assets on several occasions. Throughout our correspondence Li Fei has provided clear, thorough directions and managed my expectations effectively regarding costs, warnings and case-specific issues. He never fails to answer my questions and those of my clients, without hesitation. In a field in which one of the greatest difficulties is receiving consistent levels of international service, Li Fei offers stable, in-depth support that exactly meets my requirements.”


“I have been working closely with Li Fei over the years and have found his knowledge and expertise very impressive, paired with a great ability to relate to clients and explain complex scenarios in an understandable fashion.”


“I have employed Quek Li Fei’s services from the UK for years, and have always found him to be helpful, clear and detailed in his advice on often very complicated cross-border matters. Where others have given up on such cases in the past, Li Fei goes beyond the call of duty to see the work through, and works with me to provide practicable solutions, using his understanding of the difficulties of multi-jurisdictional legal matters and his thorough knowledge of the law and the Courts in Singapore.”


“Li Fei is a great lawyer to work with, he gives very clear and concise instructions even when he is acting on the client’s side. Thorough and dedicated, he goes the extra mile and adds incredible value with his ability to give the clients right direction and highlights uncomfortable issues which are necessary but may not sit well with the clients. He has excellent knowledge in the field of succession planning, legacy planning and philanthropy planning.”


“CNPLaw LLP has maintained its emphasis on payment services, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and digital token offerings. The firm represents a wide range of new economy businesses, including fintech businesses and digital platform developers. Quek Li Fei has built an impressive recent record in digital token and payment services matters.”

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