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We advise companies both private and listed on corporate governance and compliance issues to help them navigate the regulatory landscape that is becoming increasingly complex.

Regulatory compliance is a crucial aspect of any business, especially in an era where laws and regulations are constantly changing and becoming more complex. We provide comprehensive guidance and support to both private and public companies on corporate governance and compliance issues.

For instance, we help our clients understand their director duties. This includes providing advice on the roles and responsibilities of directors, and the Companies Act 1967.

In addition to this, we also work closely with our clients to help them navigate the licensing and compliance regimes that are specific to their industries. This involves reviewing relevant regulations and guidelines, assessing the impact on our clients’ businesses, and providing tailored advice on how to achieve compliance with these requirements.

For both advice on specific issues and on-going projects, we are committed to helping our clients acclimatise and thrive in an increasingly complex regulatory landscape.


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“Lisa Theng excels across a wide array of corporate matters, from advising board to corporate restructuring.”


“Problem-solving, good listener, commercially savvy with a good network of lawyers regionally.”


“Amit comes across not just as a typical lawyer trying to complete a legal assignment for a billing. He is a counsellor and works to win the customers complete trust and confidence. He hand holds through tough discussions on the most possible outcomes and takes ownership of the same.”


“Tan Min-Li, the partner in charge, has been very professional with high-quality work and advice, quick turnaround times, creative structures and solutions, excellent risk management and mitigation advice, expert management of other consultants and professionals in the deal, and many other soft skills and touches necessary to get a complex deal through.”


“CNPLaw LLP has maintained its emphasis on payment services, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and digital token offerings. The firm represents a wide range of new economy businesses, including fintech businesses and digital platform developers. Quek Li Fei has built an impressive recent record in digital token and payment services matters.”


“CNPLaw LLP has further evolved its practice to include a greater share of cross-border and ASEAN deals, including Indonesia, Myanmar, and Laos. It continues to expand its portfolio of Chinese clients and is building its name in the start-up and venture capital segment. Ken Chia leads the department, which includes experienced and versatile practitioners Bill Jamieson and Amit Dhume.”


“Attention to detail and coverage of all eventualities.”


“Small, fast, and consistently reliable.”


“Our company was looking to open a subsidiary in Singapore and we were therefore in need of a local lawyer with a range of expertise in Singapore law. We found that in Kenn, who expertly guided us through the intricacies of setting up our business, handled the submission of the regulatory filings, and even advised us on employment-related matters as we set-up a team in Singapore. We were impressed by Kenn’s quick responsiveness to our inquiries, the high quality of his legal services, and the range of his knowledge. He was also able to recommend banking and accounting contacts to us as we round out the administrative aspects of establishing our company. We highly recommend Kenn’s services to any foreign or local entrepreneur or company looking to establish a business in Singapore.”

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