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Setting up a family office can offer several legal benefits to high-net-worth individuals or families. At our firm, we understand the intricacies of establishing a family office, and we work with our clients to ensure that their objectives are achieved while adhering to Singapore’s legal framework.

One of the primary legal benefits of setting up a family office is the ability to have a single point of contact for all wealth management services. By consolidating all assets and investments under one entity, the family office structure can provide a more streamlined and efficient approach to managing a family’s wealth.

Additionally, a family office can provide significant tax planning benefits. Our team of legal experts can work with clients to structure the family office in a tax-efficient manner, ensuring that tax liabilities are minimized while staying in compliance with Singapore’s tax laws.

Estate and succession planning are also critical functions of a family office. We assist clients in creating comprehensive estate plans, including trusts and other legal structures which ensure that their assets are passed on to their heirs in a manner that aligns with their wishes and goals.

Finally, many high-net-worth families also have a philanthropic agenda, and a family office can help to coordinate charitable giving in a way that maximizes impact while staying in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Our firm has the expertise and experience necessary to help clients set up and manage their family offices, providing tailored legal solutions that address their unique needs and objectives.


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“My firm has instructed Quek Li Fei to act in the administration of Singapore estate assets on several occasions. Throughout our correspondence Li Fei has provided clear, thorough directions and managed my expectations effectively regarding costs, warnings and case-specific issues. He never fails to answer my questions and those of my clients, without hesitation. In a field in which one of the greatest difficulties is receiving consistent levels of international service, Li Fei offers stable, in-depth support that exactly meets my requirements.”


“I have been working closely with Li Fei over the years and have found his knowledge and expertise very impressive, paired with a great ability to relate to clients and explain complex scenarios in an understandable fashion.”


“I have employed Quek Li Fei’s services from the UK for years, and have always found him to be helpful, clear and detailed in his advice on often very complicated cross-border matters. Where others have given up on such cases in the past, Li Fei goes beyond the call of duty to see the work through, and works with me to provide practicable solutions, using his understanding of the difficulties of multi-jurisdictional legal matters and his thorough knowledge of the law and the Courts in Singapore.”


“Li Fei is a great lawyer to work with, he gives very clear and concise instructions even when he is acting on the client’s side. Thorough and dedicated, he goes the extra mile and adds incredible value with his ability to give the clients right direction and highlights uncomfortable issues which are necessary but may not sit well with the clients. He has excellent knowledge in the field of succession planning, legacy planning and philanthropy planning.”


“Problem-solving, good listener, commercially savvy with a good network of lawyers regionally.”


“Amit comes across not just as a typical lawyer trying to complete a legal assignment for a billing. He is a counsellor and works to win the customers complete trust and confidence. He hand holds through tough discussions on the most possible outcomes and takes ownership of the same.”


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