Our Network

We have fostered strong relationships with legal professionals globally through various renowned legal networks. Through these networks, CNP can make your world smaller and more personal by offering direct access to leading legal and business professionals, improve the ways of doing business and link you with the people who can provide you with opportunities for growth worldwide. It means, we have the ability to quickly mobilise legal experts when you require extra-legal support in the international markets. Our connections provide you with a global advantage: guaranteed quality, informed advice, speed, cost-effectiveness and competitive edge.

CNP is a member of Interlaw, a global elite international network of full service law firms in more than 150 cities worldwide. The network provided our firm access to 7000+ international talents with cross-border transactional legal experience. Our managing partner, Ms Lisa Theng, is one of Interlaw Board of Directors.

CNP is a member of IR Global, the fastest growing professional service firm network in the world and it provides legal, accountancy and finance advice to companies and individuals across 155+ jurisdictions.

CNP has recently became a part of the SCG Legal family, a global network located in 82 countries around the world. We are able to capitalize on the strength and effectiveness of the network to help clients solve their business challenges.