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CNPLaw LLP acted as lead counsel for the successful launch of Fraxtor Capital SPC


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Date Published: 25 July 2019
The Team Advising On The Transaction: Amit Dhume, Abel Ho, Joy Tan and Neeti Relan.

CNPLaw LLP (“CNP”) acted as a lead counsel for the successful launch of Fraxtor Capital SPC (“Fund”), a Cayman Islands domiciled segregated portfolio company with an investment focus in real estate investment opportunities. The Fund employs a blockchain-enabled co-investment platform for investors to invest in “byte-sized” global real estate investment opportunities otherwise out of reach. The Fund has successfully launched its first segregated portfolio focused on the development of a residential real estate investment project in Singapore. The Fund is only offered to high net worth persons.

The Fund is managed by Fraxtor Capital Pte. Ltd. (“Manager”) which comprises of seasoned real estate investors well known within the industry. The Fund will be able to tap on the Manager’s wide networks and deep expertise in real estate investment. 

Mr Amit R. Dhume, Partner at CNP said:
“We are pleased to be part of the process of changing the real estate investment space by decentralising international real estate investment opportunities and making it accessible to a wider range of investors based on blockchain technology. We believe technology will be a key disrupter in the investment funds space as more and more people become tech-savvy.”


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