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CNPLaw gave a talk on how the small print on one’s websites and apps can save one’s online business


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Updated: 26 November 2019

Event Speakers: Wong Pei Ling, Hazel Ho-Tsastsina and Hu Huimin.

Expanding online is a must for many businesses in this day and age. It opens up a whole new marketplace with the power to reach people beyond physical boundaries. However, with great power comes great responsibilities. With the ease of creating websites and apps and transacting online, many businesses may have overlooked their legal obligations in the virtual space.

Our talk was meant to educate businesses on how to protect themselves online through robust terms of use and privacy policies on their websites and apps. This talk touched upon an organization’s obligations on the collection, use and retention of personal data under the Personal Data Protection Act, including the recent guidelines for NRICs. We also shared interesting cases of companies that were brought to Court over infringing statements and content found on their company websites.

As a bonus, attendees were entitled to a free website health check by a third-party website design firm to understand if their website’s performance is optimal and received tips on how to improve their websites.

This event was held at JustCo 120 Robinson Road on 11 December 2019.
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