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Stalwarts of newsmakers, The Straits Times 15 November 2021


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Managing Partner:  Lisa Theng

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Private equity

Our private equity practice provides comprehensive legal advice to private equity and venture capital fund managers, founders, management teams and investee companies in Singapore on a wide range of matters,


Employment Services

The success of any organization hinges


Banking And Finance

We offer a wide range of services to borrowers, non-bank lenders, and financial institutions, including:

Debt financing: We advise on the structuring, documentation, and


Mergers And Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) entail the confluence of multiple legal disciplines. That is why we take great care when assembling a team for each


Dispute Resolution

With the global landscape presenting a wealth of opportunities and an equal measure of difficulties in navigating relationships with stakeholders, it is inevitable that disputes will arise in the course


Corporate Governance, Compliance And Regulatory

We advise companies both private and listed on corporate governance and compliance issues to help them navigate the regulatory landscape that is becoming increasingly complex.

Regulatory compliance is a crucial


IP, Media And Technology

As leaders in the dynamic field of intellectual property rights, media, and technology, we partner with businesses to support their growth journey – from ideation to commercialization. Leveraging upon our


Real Estate

CNPLaw’s Real Estate Practice (comprising a strong team of multi-disciplinary lawyers with years of relevant experience in litigation and corporate work to complement the

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