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Vietnam is well-placed to attract foreign investment because of its strategic location. Over the past few decades, Vietnam has undergone significant economic reform, with the government implementing a number of measures aimed at promoting economic growth and attracting foreign investment.

As a result of these reforms, Vietnam’s economy has grown rapidly, becoming one of the fastest-growing economies in the region. The country has a thriving manufacturing sector, with industries such as textiles, footwear and electronics being among the largest contributors to economic growth. Additionally, Vietnam has a rapidly-growing services sector, with tourism, finance and real estate being among the key contributors.

As a law firm with a strong network in Asia, CNPLaw is well-positioned to assist our clients in expanding their footprint in Vietnam. We have been involved in various corporate transactions in Vietnam, including in the areas of logistics and information technology, and have a deep understanding of the regulatory regime in the country. We work closely with legal practitioners in Vietnam to deliver seamless and high-quality service to our clients.


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