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CNPLaw is a leading Singaporean law firm with a long-standing reputation for delivering comprehensive legal services on Singapore law issues to clients in the various industries in Malaysia. Our team of lawyers possess extensive knowledge and expertise in catering to the commercial needs of domestic and international corporations intending to operate or invest in Malaysia.

What sets us apart is our deep connection to Malaysia. With a number of our lawyers having roots in the country and some having previously practised law in Malaysia, CNPLaw has a unique advantage in understanding the local economy, political and legal landscape. This localised knowledge allows us to effectively meet our clients’ business and legal requirements. Combined with our extensive network of connections including our best friend firms in Malaysia, we offer invaluable insights and an unparalleled competitive edge to clients seeking to navigate the complex and dynamic economic environment of Malaysia through Singapore.

At CNPLaw, our lawyers have been at the forefront of numerous high-value transactions and complex legal matters. Our expertise spans cross border due-diligence, mergers and acquisitions, debt and corporate restructuring, as well as a wide range of commercial agreements relating to joint ventures, investments, supply chains, and franchises. We are also adept in providing guidance on regulatory and compliance issues, including the establishment of businesses, intellectual property protection, and employment law.

With our in-depth understanding of the Malaysian economy and legal landscape, and a steadfast commitment to delivering results-driven legal solutions, CNPLaw is uniquely positioned to support clients in achieving their business and legal objectives in this dynamic and rapidly evolving market.


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