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CNPLaw LLP advised the founders of Intrepid E-Commerce Services Pte. Ltd. on its acquisition by Ascential plc for a consideration of up to USD250 million.


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The team that advised the client: Tan Min-Li, Ge Xiaomeng, Lorraine Liew , Nicole Leong and Andrew Eng.
CNPLaw LLP advised the founders of Singapore-based Intrepid E-Commerce Services Pte. Ltd. (“Intrepid”), a leading regional eCommerce and Digital solutions provider across South-East Asia, on the acquisition of Intrepid by Ascential plc, a FTSE 250 company and global leader in information, analytics and eCommerce optimisation.
The initial cash consideration paid for Intrepid is US$57m, plus deferred consideration payable over four years, contingent on meeting certain financial targets, resulting in an estimated total consideration of between US$100m and US$197m, with the maximum total consideration payable for Intrepid, capped at US$250m.


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