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CNPLaw LLP successfully acted for defendant in their defence against claims for breach of fiduciary duties and conspiracy by unlawful means


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Date Published: 6 January 2017

The Team Acting As Counsel: See Tow Soo Ling, Edwin Chia, and Michelle Chua. 
CNPLaw LLP (“CNP”), formerly known as Colin Ng & Partners LLP, successfully acted for Mr Ong Bee Chew, Mdm Neo Guat Leng and Mr Ong Zhi Jie in their defence against claims for, amongst others, breach of fiduciary duties and conspiracy by unlawful means
See Tow Soo Ling, Deputy Head of CNP’s Dispute Resolution Practice Group, successfully acted for Mr Ong Bee Chew (“Mr Ong“), Mdm Neo Guat Leng and Mr Ong Zhi Jie in the High Court in their defence in a claim involving allegations of misrepresentation, breach of fiduciary duties, breach of trust, non est factum, undue influence, conspiracy by unlawful means, and minority oppression under Section 216 of the Companies Act (Cap. 50).
After a protracted trial lasting over 16 days, the High Court dismissed the Plaintiff’s claim against Mr Ong and his family in its entirety with costs.


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