Presentation on Overview of Movie Business from a Legal Perspective



Presentation on Overview of Movie Business from a Legal Perspective

Date Published: 2 May 2016


This presentation provides you with a useful overview of movie business from a legal perspective. It explains the different stages in a movie business from conceptualisation, development, pre and post production to sales and distribution.


CNPLaw’s Media and Entertainment Lawyer

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Stephen heads the firm’s technology, media and entertainment team and co-heads the corporate finance team. He has more than two decades of experience, acquired both in-house and in private practice.

The digital transformation age we live in is producing technological disruption in the areas of new media and entertainment at an unprecedented rate. Ultra-high definition, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, robotics, big data analytics, tailored content delivery and fan-centric business-models are some of the innovations presently causing huge changes to traditional models for the production, marketing, publication, dissemination and exploitation of media and content. In the face of an increasingly-demanding consumer base, businesses need to leverage these next-generation technologies to drive growth, increase stakeholder value and stay relevant.

At CNPLaw, we advise on the full lifecycle of rights acquisitioncontent developmentproductionfinancingsponsorshipdistributionlicensing and commercial exploitation of content and data, including IP protectionconfidentiality and privacy issues.

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