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At CNPLaw, we recognise that employment disputes will affect our clients’ lives and reputation and are committed to resolving them with sensitivity and in a commercially sensible manner. We approach each case by leveraging on our extensive experience and expertise in offering legal solutions that will enable our clients to meet their objectives in a cost-effective manner.

Our expertise spans all aspects of employment law, from breaches of employment contracts to wrongful dismissals, breach of fiduciary duties and non-compete covenant enforcement, enabling us to deliver comprehensive guidance and solutions to our clients. We represent our clients in negotiation, mediation, arbitration and court proceedings, ensuring that our clients’ interests are protected throughout the dispute resolution process.

We pride ourselves as being client-centric and we place our clients at the heart of everything we do. We understand that each client and every dispute is unique with distinct challenges and objectives. Our approach to resolving employment disputes goes beyond a simple application of employment laws and regulations. With our in-depth knowledge of employment laws and regulations, we explore solutions to complex employment disputes and deliver personalized and strategic advice to our clients.

We believe in unity and collaboration to achieve successful outcomes for our clients. When employment disputes arise, we rally together and combine our diverse expertise and perspectives to develop comprehensive strategies for swift and equitable resolutions. We are driven by a thirst for success and we always strive to achieve the best possible results for our clients. Whether through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or court proceedings, we employ a diligent and thorough approach to resolve employment disputes in an efficient and effective manner.


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At CNPLaw, we believe in going the extra mile for our clients. The testimonials that we receive attest to our belief in building relationships first in every engagement we receive.

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“Through the many years of our working with Mr Subramanian Pillai and his team from CNPLaw LLP, I am highly impressed by the high service rendered by CNPLaw LLP and the professional and efficient manner in achieving our company’s objectives. I have no hesitation in referring CNPLaw LLP’s services to our business associates.”


“We have had the pleasure of working with Mr Subramanian Pillai for more than 10 years on various matters involving construction defects, breaches of by-laws, recovery of debts and employment related matters. Mr Pillai has always been extremely thorough in his communications and his advice and recommendations are on the mark. Most of all, he is one who does not mince his words with respect to his advice. We are grateful for his years of service and would also like to express our thanks to members of his team.”


“[Edwin’s] professionalism in this area of work is really outstanding. … [I]t was a great pleasure to work with CNP and I will definitely be recommending you if my friends happen to require any legal assistance.”


“[Edwin] picked out the main issues very well and explained them to me clearly. His work product … was in my opinion, top notch. …[H]is attitude, professionalism and results were all commendable.”


“He is thorough, dedicated, inventive and responsive. We feel that he cares for client relationships, and goes out of his way to find solutions.”


“At CNPLaw LLP, Pradeep Kumar Singh assists local and international businesses across the whole spectrum of employment law issues from the onset of the employment relationship to its termination as well as immigration issues. Bill Jamieson is the other key partner, handling primarily corporate restructuring and employment aspects of cross-border transactions.”

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Over the years, CNPLaw has ranked highly in professional and commercial publications on our ability to help clients purposefully navigate the intricacies of the law.


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