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Competition Compliance Programs are vital to a company’s risk management strategy. Such training programs play a key role in encouraging compliance and help mitigate against the infringement of competition legislation. We assist clients to develop bespoke competition compliance programs to suit the industry and sector in which they operate. Our compliance programs typically comprise of an audit, training and practice manual.

During the audit, we will conduct a thorough review of a company’s corporate background, market share, relevant communications, major agreements and it’s pricing and distribution strategy, thereby identifying areas of concerns and proposing appropriate actions to be taken under the company’s Competition Compliance Program.

We regularly conduct training programs for clients that are proactive in competition compliance. Typically, these would include seminar and role-playing methods. We can also conduct mock dawn-raids to tests the responsiveness of employees to prepare in case the offices are raided by the CCCS.

We also design specific competition compliance codes and guidelines for companies, depending on the industry they are operating in, so that employees have a main reference document in the basic aspects of competition law.

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