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In light of the latest revisions to the Additional Buyers’ Stamp Duty (“ABSD”) regime significantly increasing the ABSD liabilities for ownership of second and subsequent residential properties which were announced Read more

September 27, 2018

Introduction The decision in TBZ v TCA [2017] SGHCF 18 (“TBZ”) deals with ancillary matters following upon divorce proceedings between the Plaintiff (the “Husband”) and the Defendant (the “Wife”). The Read more

December 1, 2017

Case Note on Yeo Henry (executor and trustee of the estate of Ng Lay Hua, deceased) v Yeo Charles and others [2016] SGHC 220 On 11 October 2016, the Singapore Read more

May 1, 2017

Short summary: “A prenuptial agreement (“prenup”) is an agreement that a couple enters into before getting married and which documents their respective positions in the event of a divorce. Although Read more

July 1, 2016

Colin Ng & Partners LLP recently successfully represented Mdm Wong Swee Hor in a rare action under the Women’s Charter in the High Court in obtaining a declaration that Mdm Read more

January 2, 2015

Introduction The 2 main battlegrounds parties channel their resources towards in divorce proceedings relate to the matrimonial home and assets and the children (unless it is a childless marriage). Each Read more

March 1, 2013

The Inheritance (Family Provision) Act (Cap. 138, 1985 Rev. Ed.) (“IFPA”) has been the subject of noteworthy litigation in recent years. In 2009, the Court of Appeal dismissed an application Read more

July 1, 2012