Brexit: What did we get for Christmas?

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Brexit: What did we get for Christmas?


Date Published: 21 January 2021 

Key contacts: Wong Pei-Ling and Jolyn Wah.


With the conclusion of negotiations, and 1 January 2021 having come and gone, Brexit is finally here to stay!

In this briefing on the Brexit trade deal, Mr Charles Pigott of Mills & Reeve LLP (CNPLaw’s fellow SCG member firm in the UK) has expertly summarised the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement, which spans over 1,200 pages, into 2 pages.

For more insights on the implications of Brexit including data protection, intellectual property and supply chains, please access Mills & Reeve LLP’s Brexit Hub.

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Disclaimer: This update is provided to you for general information and should not be relied upon as legal advice.

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Pei-Ling has over 23 years of experience in corporate and cross-border transactions, and has advised on investments, joint-ventures and commercial transactions in Singapore and Malaysia.  Over the years, she has also developed a practice in the areas of data protection, technology and employment.

Jolyn Wah Associate at CNPLaw
Senior Associate
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Every business involves an amalgam of various stakeholders, such as investors, shareholders and directors. Ideally, each of these stakeholders should have a common vision of what is best for the company. However, this is rarely the case when individual interests are factored into the equation.

Stakeholder conflicts (regarding issues such as breaches of fiduciary dutiesderivative actionsshareholder oppressionmanagement deadlocksmanagement compensationdividend payments and buy-outs) can be a thorny issue and can leave a company crippled if not addressed promptly.

Given the diversity of interests at play, we appreciate that a multi-faceted approach is usually the most cost-efficient method of resolving stakeholder conflicts. Therefore, we provide clients with ready access to an integrated team of lawyers (combining the experience of our corporate, dispute resolution and employment law practices where applicable) who will effectively engage the relevant stakeholders in discussions on how best to resolve their differences amicably.

More often than not, clients are able to avoid costly protracted court proceedings and resolve stakeholder conflicts with discretion and expediency.

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